Access Bar Facilitator

Who I Am?

I am Akankssha Prasad, Counseling Psychologist & Child Psychologist here to Help You for Living The Best of Life.
Online Counseling is a New Idea to Many people. So I have made the experience as simple as possible. It provides all the freedom for people, easier to open up more than in an office environment and can build a relationship between Psychologist & Client.
You can Access Counseling Anytime.

My Services

I offer the full spectrum of services in the field of Psychology, to help people and their mental health. I can explore your behaviour & mental processes including, Perception, Cognition Attention, Emotion, Intelligence, Motivation, Brain Functioning & Personality.
  • Adolescent Problem
  • Dependence
  • Stress Management
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mood Disorder
  • Emotional Intelligence Counseling
  • Anxiety & Depression Counseling
  • Parent-Child Counseling
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Access Bar Therapy

Why Choose Me ?

  • People-Oriented
  • Professional Expertise
  • Solution-Oriented


The course is very entertaining. There are many visuals and the instructor knows what she’s talking about. Nevertheless, some topics are heavily oversimplified i.e. bullying, which is a very complex phenomenon. Akankssha’s course offers guidance for the basic principles when it comes to parenting and it reinforced information.

Nidhi Srivastava

After a year of being struck at home with little more to entertain us than puzzles and cartoons. This course or you can say the plan for my kids worked perfectly. I recommend all new moms to enroll and teach your kids something amazing.

Ratna Kumar

Highly Recommended! Providing another perspective for parents on your children’s behavior, way of processing and engaging the word.

Roshan Sahai

Thank you for this course. It is well structured, and includes lots of good examples. And the concepts are clearly communicated. I enjoyed it very much and I recommend it to all parents and parent to be.

Sana Shahab

Every minute of the course was interesting and the information given seems to be really important and helpful to be better parents. I have gone through it in just a couple days. I loved this course and would recommend this course to all parents. 5 star to Akankssha.

JP Mishra

That was a great, basic, overview of parenting do’s and don’t. I felt it was a really good refresher to help me be a better parent.

Rupali Anil Gupta

I am a mother of a 3 years old kid and I already know how parenting impacted my life. I love both learning about parenting and neuroscience and I really believe some knowledge about latest discoveries can help in my daily life to grow as a better parent. I would like to highly recommend Dr. Akanksha. Dr. Akanksha thank you for your guidance which was very much needed especially during this ongoing pandemic. Once again thanks a lot and love from my daughter.