Our Courses

Courses Offered

1) Child Psychology and Shape their inborn Talents and become child counselor

What you will learn-

  • Understand why my children act the way they do, based on their active brain structure and development of the brain
  • Understand the impact of my parenting style
  • Adapt my communication and reactions based on the children’s active brain structure
  • React appropriately when my child is under stress
  • Grow my children’s self esteem
  • Help my children develop a stable world view

Duration – 3 days

Days – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Time – 1hr 15 minutes per class

Course Medium – Live Course

Price -149/- INR

2) How to raise super kids with the neuroscience of child counseling.

What you will learn:

  • How to make your Kid” Happy Kid ” which will help them lifelong.
  • How to create interest in studies without asking them to mug up
  • Learn the neuroscience of little human brain.
  • Help the child develop a more efficient study method
  • Foster the natural talents of my children.
  • Remain calm when it seems we’re in the middle of a battlefield
  • Query will be Resolved which Parents are Facing regarding upbringing or regarding their academics. (From 0 to 6 Years)
  • Use your counseling skill to make and scale up your income

Duration – 3 weeks

Days – Saturday and Sunday

Time – 50 Minutes per class

Course Medium – Live course

Price – 3000/- INR

3) Become Professional Child therapist and learn Child psychology.

Duration – 4 weeks

Days – Wednesday and Thursday

Time – 1hr 30 mins per class

Course Medium – Live classes

Price – 12000/- INR